Wallet – Trifold by Be Savage Leather

Wallet – Trifold by Be Savage Leather by BeSavage Leather

Entirely hand cut, hand coloured and hand sewn leather wallets

Currently available in Weathered Turquoise, see images

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Wallet – Trifold by Be Savage Leather by Be Savage Leather

Beautifully made from hand coloured, genuine veg tan leather and comes with an extra long note pocket and six separate card slots.

Of course if this gets wet, always allow genuine leather products to dry naturally. They can be treated with our Original Leathercare to keep the material in tip top condition.

Due to levels of demand there is a bit of a wait on backorders, but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Currently in stock in Weathered Turquoise – see images

As seen on our Pork Pie Hat, Weathered Turquoise is a truly unusual colour. You might expect a traditionally veg-tanned leather piece to fade on exposure to sunlight… this shade doesn’t simply fade, it transforms! This one in stock has already taken a journey from bright, vivid turquoise to a stoney grey-green-blue. Remarkable. A hallmark of a natural material.

If you would prefer to watch the change for yourself, simply purchase this item, add a note or drop us an email and we’ll organise for a brand new one to be made and sent out to you 💙