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The New Season begins with Briefcases and Bags

The Full Monty Briefcase in Dark Brown with gun metal silver coloured fittings by Henry Tomkins Leather - inside

The New Season begins with Briefcases and Bags

It’s been an unusual year so far, to say the least. One of the strangest summers seems to finally be over and the children have gone back to school. 

You know what that means? 

It’s time to start planning for the end of the year. Let’s take it steadily, one gift at a time. 

We have many lovely things

We have many lovely things on our Friends website and I’d like to introduce you to them, and to some of the people who make them.

Let’s start with our bag maker, Henry, of Henry Tomkins Leather.

We’ve known Henry for a little while now and, although he is semi retired, we were delighted that he was pleased to have the opportunity to place a few items from his extensive catalogue in our new shop.

Henry from Henry Tomkins Leather at work
Henry from Henry Tomkins Leather, at work

He makes sturdy briefcases and lovely, soft bags and satchels in his studio, just 2 miles from our shop near the city centre. His hand made products are tough, durable and come with his personal 5 year guarantee.

We carry two of his briefcases; one very basic design and the all bells and whistles version called The Full Monty. 

The basic Essential Briefcase comes with plenty of features 

The bold buckle strap front is complimented by a strong and sturdy comfortable handle, with reinforced leather covered metal bar to keep the briefcase in shape while carrying heavy items.

You have two internal pockets, for separating your home and office gear for example, and the front pocket has additional sections for storing those smaller items that always find their way to the bottom, eg. pens, passport, tickets etc.

The Full Monty comes with everything

There are three separate compartments in the main section, with a total of seven additional internal pockets. These are ready to hold whatever you need to fit in them, including pens, phone, wallet, etc.

There’s a handy zip compartment that is accessible from the back and the look is completed with a locking front fastener and two buckle straps. The Full Monty also comes with a fully adjustable shoulder strap with integral comfort panel. The comfort panel is fixed in the middle and the strap can be adjusted from both ends so you can always be sure the comfort part is right where you want it!

Currently we also carry two of Henry’s other bags: a back pack and a satchel. We hope to add to these for the upcoming shopping period with some more designs so we’ll keep you posted with progress!

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An Introduction to TBM & Friends

TBM and Friends shop front

An Introduction to TBM & Friends

TBM and Friends shop front
TBM and Friends shop front

It has to be said, this has been the strangest year of our lives, and not in the way we expected

The original plan, after moving all sites under one (much more convenient) roof, had been to give all of the different TBM belt lines more space to breathe; to fill our much larger shop not only with Classics, Borders, Raises and our characteristic hand sewn patterns, but also with plaits, braids, inlays, guest leathers and, when the product reaches our requirements, to venture into the world of vegan leather substitutes.

The global coronavirus outbreak has changed things somewhat

As mentioned in our About TBM & Friends, we have witnessed the struggle faced by some of our fellow artisans and, not being bin collectors, food providers, doctors or nurses, we tried to think of other ways (in addition to social distancing and hand washing, etc) that we could contribute to the National Effort.

… and so TBM & Friends was born

We put out some feelers , talked to a number of local artisans who had lost outlets, and curated a collection of products that would work with our belts. Items that could be found in an office or studio setting, or in the dressing room of someone nipping across the hall to their work from home den.

Things besides our beautiful hand made, leather trouser support solutions, such as lovely cufflinks that you will really get a buzz from wearing, braces that are hand made in England, also available with button hole ends, leather wallets; all these supplied to us from a company only about 8 miles from our shop.

Braces, cufflinks, wallet

Natural fibre socks in wool, sometimes also with cotton, are not made in commercial volumes quite so close to home but we have found a maker further north who produces these items that are soft, colourful and… wait for it… machine washable!


Elegant and functional leather briefcases and bags are hand made by an artisan only 2 miles from us, so close! These are incredibly practical and delightfully comfortable to wear; guaranteed and repairable. You don’t really need to look any further for a bag that will suit your needs, as you can customise not only the colour but the number of pockets, pouches and zips, should you wish to place a bespoke order.

The Full Monty Briefcase

If you are looking for desk or study solutions, you can also find those here. Perfect porcelain pen pots, mini planters, trinket trays and lighting solutions are all in stock. Colourful and uplifting lamps and soy candles to light your way, CO2 absorbers for a more comfortable atmosphere, and somewhere to keep together all those things you can never quite put your hands on.

Colourful Textured Porcelain Pen Pots

Elegant and functional is the name of the game in this shop. If it’s actually useful, look for it here. If it also looks, feels or works in some stunning way, search for it here. We aim to raise eyebrows and expectations… and support local artisans, wherever we can.

Browse the website, pop into the shop… you are assured of a warm welcome!

See you soon,
Marie x