Steampunk pen by Leather Pens of Somerset in rosewood presentation box
Steampunk pen by Leather Pens of Somerset in rosewood presentation box

Friend: Leather Pens of Somerset
Products: Pens hand made from leather
Based: Somerset
Distance from TBM & Friends: 36 miles

The birth of a business

Jon, from Leather Pens of Somerset, is a well known and respected field archer who had a passion for wood turning and other projects.

Creative drive

He was trying to satisfy his creative drive by transferring his wood turning skills into leather turning skills, so The Belt Makers gave him some of their leather trimmings.

Leather pen stacks by Leather Pens of Somerset
Leather pen stacks

Stacked leather

Being a field archer, he began making stacked leather handles for arrow rakes. After a while, and as his techniques developed, he started work on smaller and more detailed pieces. This is when he took up a challenge to make a leather pen for a friend, and others soon began to ask for them too. Jon has never looked back.

Natural colour stylus leather pens by Leather Pens of Somerset
Natural colour leather stylus pens

Refine and develop finishes

Taking the opportunity to refine and develop finishes that complimented the beautiful material that is First Grade English Bridle Leather, it was not long before TBM & Friends commissioned Jon to make leather pens to sell in their shop.

Steampunk Victorian pen by Leather Pens of Somerset
Steampunk Victorian leather pen

Beautiful and unique pens

The positive reception and demand for these beautiful and unique pens inspired Jon to make pens for his own retail purposes and so Leather Pens of Somerset was born.

Dragon pen outdoors by Leather Pens of Somerset
Dragon pen with scales detail

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