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Mark and Marie Buckfield, of The Belt Makers (TBM), started making leather products by hand in 2003 …

May 2020

… Fast forward a few years and we find ourselves in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic. This is taking from us tens of thousands of loved family members and friends across the world, and decimating businesses and finances for billions of people.

We aren’t doctors, nurses or other keyworkers… although we know many who are. Our own best contribution to the first stage of the coronavirus response could only be to Stay at Home, in order the Protect the NHS and Save Lives. Oh yes, and clap ’til our hands go numb on Thursdays at 8pm. A tiny price to pay in honour of the key workers.

Locally and nationally, shops have closed and businesses struggled.

As we move forward through the stages of pandemic response, shops begin to open again in a new way, both in store and online.

Here in Exeter, in our artisan handcraft industry, we have devised a way that we can help support similar, local and UK, independent, home grown businesses

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