Shop front with Buckfield group, l-r: Robin, Mark, Gus, Marie
Shop front with Buckfield group, l-r: Robin, Mark, Gus, Marie

The Belt Makers

Mark and Marie Buckfield had met through a shared archery hobby in 2000 and, both being good with their hands, soon began to make their own equipment together. Their archer friends commissioned them to make pieces for them and the hobby turned into a small business.

More people needed belts than quivers however, and The Belt Makers was born. Your specialist destination for hand sewn, top notch trouser support solutions.

Mark from The Belt Makers
Mark from The Belt Makers

In popular demand

Mark’s hand made belts fly off the shelves almost as soon as they are made and keeping a reasonable stock level is proving incredibly challenging, due to his skills being in such popular demand.

All the bespoke belt work is undertaken or closely supervised by Mark himself, on the premises at 119 Fore Street.

For items needed ‘yesterday’ (happens all the time!) there is a solution.

Leather for Mark’s bespoke belts is chosen from the best of the best, and there are pieces of leather that don’t make the bespoke standard.

This rejected leather is still seriously good stuff. It would be a crime to dispose of it, and avoiding waste is something that TBM are incredibly passionate about.

Range of distressed belts

Enter TBM’s range of Distressed Belts. Made using leather according to availability, it’s not possible to take advance orders for sizes or colours. In spite of this, TBM aim to cover as many elementary belt bases as possible.

These items, made by a small team selected for their hand skills, are made available as often as possible. Keep an eye on the shop shelves, social media, the website and news updates for the most up to date information.