Belt Making

TBM The Belt Makers are proud to present…

A Light Havana coloured Classic belt individually hand cut from Sedgwicks First Grade English Bridle Butt Leather. The solid brass, sandcast by hand, Swell Front West End buckle with stainless steel tongue for both aesthetics and strength, is hand sewn into place along with twin keepers.

…TBM, where tradition meets trend

TBM’s high end English leather belts are made entirely by hand.

Not die cut by a hand operated stamping machine or pushed by hand through a sewing machine. Our products are cut using hand tools and stitched together with needle and thread. TBM work each skin by hand, based on the family’s traditional methods of the Master Saddler.

Made from arguably the best strap leather in the world, our preferred Sedgwick cut is especially known for its strength, durability, density and lustre. Obtained from the supplier with the Royal Warrant, we will still reject anything we are not happy with. Taking that into account, leather is still a natural material so some slight marking and colour variation are to be expected.

As the belt is worn in, in a similar way to wearing in new boots and shoes, the leather will react to the natural oils in your hands and to your body heat, becoming more supple over time. Subsequently, as it moulds beautifully to your shape and develops its unique natural patina, it will result in a wonderfully personal leather accessory, thus making it a firm favourite for years to come. For more information, please see Our Leather

The finished result is a high end product, beautiful to look at and practical to wear.


Traditional plough gauge

A strap is individually hand cut from a skin using a traditional plough gauge.

Staining a strap edge

The strap is cut to shape, marked, stamped and punched, always by hand. The keepers are cut from the same skin as the belt strap, in order to maintain natural uniformity.

Handstitching a belt

Finally, each buckle and keeper set is carefully handstitched into place.

The finished product passes through a strict quality control process before being allowed to go to the client.

TBM The Belt Makers: Our work speaks for itself.