Steampunk Victorian Leather Pen by Leather Pens of Somerset

(Box for display, available separately)

May the Fourth 2021

I knew there was something familiar about today’s date.

Other than my being a science fiction fan, May the fourth last year was significant because it was the day we announced that we could restart the supply of our non-essential goods to customers (see below).

So today marks a year since we began a new normal; one that has continued to evolve, and will continue to do so. We are still sanitising hands and surfaces, wearing face coverings and keeping our distance…

We are delighted to be able to welcome customers into our new-look shop, with the belt maker’s workbench right in the window, and a spacious shopping area inside.

Those exciting plans I mentioned a year ago became a shop called ‘The Belt Makers and Friends‘ and inside you can now find a good range of gifts and accessories that compliment our belts: items that you might find around a person who belongs – for a part of their day at least – in an office, study or studio. Things like suitable leather bags and briefcases for the trip to work. Other items that brighten your day, such as a smart shirt and cufflinks to team up with a more casual trouser; comfy and bright, British made woollen socks; and leather pens that have been expertly hand crafted from our very own leather trimmings.

The range is expanding all the time and ‘desk decor’ is an area we are aiming at for the near future. Where will we be this time next year? To quote Dave Lister, of the JMC mining ship, Red Dwarf: “It’s going to be fun finding out!”



May the Fourth 2020

Firstly, we would very much like to sincerely say “Thank you” to those who have been so patient with our non-essential goods delivery policy.

As the COVID-19 situation continues we, along with businesses all over the world, have been working on ways to adapt to the ever-evolving situation.

The Royal Mail and the Post Office (our carriers of choice) have put safety policies in place that mean their workers can effectively continue to accept and deliver parcels in something that, to the end user, closely resembles a normal service. The friendly face of our own postie has been lovely to see, especially as there aren’t too many people to say hello to at the moment!

Thanks to these efforts we are now comfortable that, if we accept online orders for delivery, we will not be adding to the crisis by sending out our own goods that aren’t food, medication, essential tools, etc.

We are now able to accept orders for delivery within our usual turnaround, ie. approx 2 working days for stock items and up to 28 days for bespoke orders.  

Furthermore, we are working on some additional plans for lockdown and beyond. It’s all a bit new at the moment but rather exciting!

We will share updates with you on our social media (search #TBMTheBeltMakers) and via our newsletter (you can sign up here) so please keep in touch!

Stay safe everyone, and keep washing your hands x

All good wishes

Marie and Mark Buckfield
The Belt Makers


25th March 2020 

Since our website is always open, and we expect to continue to publish further stock updates, orders for both our made to order and our stock items can still be placed while our physical shop is closed.

With great consideration and deliberation we have reached the conclusion that it would be somewhat reckless and irresponsible to risk the potential of Royal Mail and Post Office staff coming into contact with the virus for the sake of a non-essential item. Therefore we have taken the decision not to dispatch any orders until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

In some ways this has been a difficult decision because it means recipients will miss out on gifts for birthdays and other special occasions, however, in the same way as it was right to give the gift of no contact on Mother’s Day, this is also the correct and responsible course of action.

We hope that all our very valued customers will understand and be ready for us to act swiftly once we are all out the other side of this global health emergency.

Thank you all so much for your continued patience.

You can follow our most up to date news by searching #TBMTheBeltMakers on your favourite social media. 

You can also sign up to our newsletter at Newsletter Signup (opens in a new window) to keep up to date with our future plans. 

Stay safe friends.

Stay at home

Protect our NHS

Save lives 

With very best wishes

Marie and Mark Buckfield, 

The Belt Makers