Our Signature Piece: the British Spirit

Last time I talked about beginning to plan ahead for that special gifting period at the end of the year. Continuing in that vein, I’d like to dedicate this page to our Signature Piece: the British Spirit.

Our British Spirit was born from a time that is not unlike this one in many ways. It was inspired by the sense of team spirit that was exhibited by the players, supporters and volunteers that were ‘Team GB’ at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The red, white and blue stitching represents the colours on the British Union Flag or ‘Union Jack’. 

Union Jack
Union Jack

When the volunteer Games Makers made the London 2012 Olympics happen, their selfless energy and skills were given so that we could benefit from the history being made. Sound familiar?

TBM British Spirit Belt
TBM British Spirit Belt

We love to make this belt

We love to make this belt and are very proud of it. The Raise style enables us to safely secure all the start and finish ends for each of the three decorative thread colours on the inside. 

Each of the red, the white and the blue stitches – always in that order – are painstakingly hand sewn with a long back stitch, evenly along the full length of each side and around the tip. When done correctly this produces a candy cane style of striping along the inside.

A piece of thinned leather will sit between the two rows of candy stripes and the entire top layer can then be sewn onto a base piece, producing the raised effect. 

In a medium sized belt that’s around 1,360 stitches and a lot of work, as you can appreciate!

Which made us think.

Thank You NHS on blue heart
Logo: https://www.my-gcsescience.com/

Like those amazing, proud Games Makers of 2012 but this time with utmost, awe-inspiring bravery: the doctors, nurses and other members of our NHS risk their lives in British Spirit in this historic time of pandemic.

For every bespoke TBM British Spirit Belt sold between now and 30th November 2020, we’d like to donate £25 to NHS Charities

Can I say that again?

For every bespoke British Spirit sold between now and 30th November 2020, we’d like to donate £25 to NHS Charities.

Order one for yourself, for your partner, for your sibling, your best mate. Together we can repay some of the awe-inspiring workers of the NHS. 

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‘Our Signature Piece: the British Spirit’ was written by Marie Buckfield