Belt – Classic in Devon Dark Tan (Custom)


Belt – Classic in Devon Dark Tan by The Belt Makers

J & F J Baker & Co Ltd are based in Colyton, Devon, around 25 miles from our shop.

The leather in these belts is thick and strong, yet soft and pliable. A perfect casual belt.

Made by hand in the Devon workshop of a National Award winning craftsman, each and every Classic belt is lovingly hand sewn at 8 stitches to the inch.

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Belt – Classic in Devon Dark Tan by The Belt Makers

Leather: Devon Black oak bark tanned tanned English leather by JFJ Baker, the last oak bark tannery in the UK

Detail: Brown hand polished edge on the strap and keepers
Brown Tiger thread used to hand sew the buckle and fixed keepers into place, and to sew the loose keeper ends together

Buckle: 1½ inch wide (38mm) ‘West End’ in solid brass

Belt size: 34 inches* (ready made stock currently out of stock but available to order, please see drop down list)
*As a general rule of thumb, add a couple of inches to your trouser size: this should give you your belt size. Please be aware that this doesn’t work for everyone, however, it is usually a very good starting point

SKU 16733 – 34

If you would like this same belt in a different size, please get in touch (see below) as we should be able to make it or a close copy for you

The maximum size we can make from the butt cut of leather in this colour is usually belt size 48 inches (approx 46 inch trousers)

Please get in touch for:
Lead times on dispatching custom belts
Info on larger sizes
Please allow up to 2 working days for dispatch of stock items

You can contact us via the Contact page or via our social media: links below and #TBMandFriends, @TBMandFriends

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More Belt Information

Welcome to our sumptuous range of Devon leather belts.

Using low-impact farming methods for the beef herds, these local Devon skins contribute to the reduction in and absorption of greenhouse gas emissions. Cattle fed on grass produce less gas, and grass that is continually grazed absorbs more gases.

This leather is so soft to handle in spite of its thickness. At 5mm (¼ inch) thick, it might seem a little extreme for a belt for a human, but its softness gives it supreme comfort.

Made from Baker’s Devon leather, you can begin to create your own heartwarming story of a favourite belt that can be used by several members, even generations of the same family, and yet more stories of a belt that carries the scuffs, dents and marks of everyday life as it accompanies the wearer through college, relationships, children, pets etc.

Here at TBM we get it. A belt isn’t just a product, it’s part of the family.