Keyring – (B) Patina Finish Ergonomic


SALE Keyring – (A) Patina Finish Ergonomic from Leather Pens of Somerset

Hand made keyrings made to be handled

Comforting in the hand and on your person… and you’ll instantly know which pocket they’re in!

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SALE Keyring – (B) Patina Finish Ergonomic from Leather Pens of Somerset

Benefits: These keyrings are beautiful to handle! Each one is completely unique and will be personal to you. They are fascinating in the hand since, as soon as you pick one up, you are intrigued by the way it feels. Over time you will find that the leather will darken and pick up scuffs and scratches. Smooth out light marks by rubbing with a finger or thumb if you wish, and know that all these marks tell the story of the life of the keyring and are a cherished part of its history

Made from: Hand stacked, light coloured leather, fixed together and turned and shaped on a lathe. Polished and finished by hand and features a silver coloured keyring fitting

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