Leather Pen – Phoenix from the Flames


Leather Pen – Phoenix from the Flames by Leather Pens of Somerset

Introducing our range of very collectable pens with stacked leather bodies, hand made in Somerset

Mechanism: twist

Colours: red, yellow, orange, amber, gold

Features: amber crystal set into pen clip and top

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Leather Pen – Phoenix from the Flames by Leather Pens of Somerset

Glorious, fiery reds, through deep oranges and finally into pale yellows on the pen body, represent the flames from which the phoenix rises. An amber crystal is set into the top, and another, matching, sits at the tip of the tail feathers at the end of the pen clip.

The burnished gold pen top exhibits the phoenix itself while the tip displays the flames.

There’s twice the work in this glorious twist action, hand made leather pen, due to there being double the number of layers in the hand carved pen body.

Individual pieces of Sedgwick bridle leather have been painstakingly trimmed, holed and fixed together. Each pen body is made from a leather stack, turned on a lathe. The colour is applied by hand and then polished to a high shine finish.

Every pen is completely unique, no two will be the same.

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