Poppies on the door

As you may remember, I sent off for Poppies in the Post. This was the 2020 Royal British Legion campaign to make poppies available to all (mentioned in post ‘2020 Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal‘). They were aware that some of those who wished to wear a poppy may not be able to access those in their local supermarket.

The poppies arrived just a few days before Remembrance Weekend. By then we were once again in lockdown, so I decided to make them available all night as well as during our Click and Collect opening hours. I creatively stuck the basket to our window, next to the door.

I admit I was a touch nervous that some or all might be strewn all over the pavement in the mornings. There was no evidence of this and the numbers gradually went down until the basket was empty. No one has been on the phone about littering.

I hope I did the right thing, made my Dad proud, and that it has helped not only to raise some much needed funds for former service members and their families, but that it has made some people happy!

‘Poppies on the Door’ was written by Marie Buckfield